A beer for floralistas?

Macs Great White Beer Advert

I was captivated by a beer advert on the back of a bus (of all things) on my way home tonight. I’ve conducted a comprehensive survey of two people (one of them is me) and I contend that men and women will see different things when they look at this advert. My manfellow took one look at this and saw a big shark and the word ‘beer’.

My womanly self took one look at it and in my mind’s eye I was floating in waves of rose petals, coriander, turkish delight, citrus, aniseed and raspberry (I’ll happily leave the bubblegum). How gorgeous is that thought! Spa owners take heed:  I would probably pay stupid amounts of money to float in such lusciousness as that described above.

Reading this advert lifted me out of the busyness of evening rush hour in the central city and reminded me that beauty can be found in unexpected places so you must live your life with eyes wide open.

So my floralistas, I feel some mixing coming on. A perfume oil, or a dessert perhaps?

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