On the delightfulness of daisies

A lawn daisy bouquet for you... yes, YOU.

A lawn daisy bouquet for you… yes, YOU.

“Daisy Daisy,
Give me your answer do!
I’m half crazy,
All for the love of you!”

Daisy Bell by  Harry Dacre, 1892

My man-fellow’s best friend is staying with us for the week. He is going through the excruciating process of gaining admittance to America so that he can be with his American wife and their child. His brother-in-law has been telling him fearsome tales of the ‘Neighbourhood Committees’ they have there. Apparently their role is to get in the way of the natural way of things and prevent you from doing things like drying your washing outside in the fresh air on a fine day. As a daisy lover I was particularly distressed to hear that you can be issued with a notice for failing to mow your lawn often enough and letting your lawn daisies get unruly.

American lawn daisy lovers who are living under the oppression of a daisy-hating Neighbourhood Committee you have my support should you wish to rise up in defence of your right to a pretty lawn! I feel quite passionately about lawn daisies and some years ago wrote a poem to describe my horror at the daisy carnage that occurs in our communities.

Through the kitchen window I can see

he’s been slaughtering daisies again,

buttercups too.

Little pieces of happy lie mangled in the shorn grass

as he leans back against the fence

smoking a post-floricidal


Lawn daisies are edible. However, possible to eat should not be confused with desirable to eat. They have an unpleasant mealy texture and a flavour that starts out bland and then kicks you in the back of your mouth with a sour finish. Wikipedia suggests they may have been used as an astringent to slow bleeding of battle wounds by the ancient Romans.

I suggest their primary use is making lawns look super pretty. They are also great for making that flower garland known as the daisy chain. They are quite good for lolling upon on a summer’s day as well.

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