Mid-summer mixing: pot marigold, lavender and thyme

Lavandula angustifolia, Calendula offinicinalis and Thymus vulgaris

Clockwise from left: Lavandula angustifolia, Calendula officinalis and Thymus vulgaris

With the arrival of the new year has come mid-summer (the second month of summer as opposed to midsummer – the summer solstice). I’m on holiday and loving every single second of it. My day job really gets in the way of my pottering about with flowers (of course it funds it too). I will be off to Bali this week. I’m only taking carry-on luggage and it is mostly taken up with a camera so I can take beautiful photos of flowers for you… yes YOU my lovely.

My pot marigold, lavender and thyme plants are flowering so it is time to harvest and prepare them for some serious mixing next month. Every second day, around midday when the dew has evaporated, I step out onto our deck to collect a handful of pot marigold flowers and come away with hands sticky and scented with their appealingly resinous smell. I like to leave the scent on my fingers and delicately sniff them for a hit of calendula throughout the afternoon (I’m not addicted, I could give up any time I choose…maybe).

Calendula is an astoundingly generous plant – the more flowers you harvest the more it produces. For this reason, and its multitude of uses and cheerful appearance it holds a special place in my heart. I get happy just looking at it.

Get thee to my ‘medicinal herbs – the medicines’ page for general instructions on drying herbs and making herbal vinegars.

Get ready for February/Late Summer

If you want to join me in February and fill your life with some floralicious goodness then here are some items you’ll need to acquire and some base recipes you’ll need to prepare.

Shopping list

  • cider vinegar
  • liquid honey
  • fresh thyme, pot marigold, lavender, parsley and bay (if there is none in your garden), preferably flowering OR the same herbs dried (a better option if you are deep in the midst of a northern hemisphere winter)
  • thyme essential oil
  • lavender essential oil
  • calendula essential oil
  • kaolin clay
  • calendula powder
  • marigold CO2 oil
  • lavender hydrosol
  • vodka
  • gin

To Do List

See my ‘medicinal flowers – the medicines’ page for instructions.

  • make thyme vinegar and lavender vinegar
  • make thyme honey and lavender honey
  • make thyme infused oil and lavender infused oil
  • dry some calendula and lavender flowers

2 responses

  1. That is very sweet of you.

    I am a long time follower of your blog – your clay cleansing bars are on my list of things to try. I’m thinking of turning my current cleanser into a scrub so I have a good excuse to make a new cleanser!

    I decided to stop sitting shyly in the background avidly reading blogs and get involved by commenting on posts I like and doing some writing of my own. How exciting the mixtresses from opposite sides of the planet can find each other online and share what we know.

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