The flowers in Bali

We recently went on a trip to Bali – just five days for a friend’s wedding. As promised I took some photos of  flowers to share with you.

Their waterlillies came in many different shades of purple and pink

Fuchsia Waterlily by The Floral Mixtress

Fuchsia Waterlily


Pale Lavender Waterlily

White Waterlily by The Floral MixtressWhite Waterlily


Statue among the waterlillies by The Floral MixtressHindu statue in the waterlily pond at our first hotel – The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa in Ubud.

They had some wonderfully eccentric looking flowers in bright colours too.

Flower in Bali by The Floral MixtressThese ones look like the beak of a tropical bird.

Flowers in Bali by The Floral MixtressThese seemed to be flowers within a flower and I wish I was able to stay long enough to see it fully open out.

I loved the way flowers formed an integral part of their religious celebrations.

“The Amen! of Nature is always a flower.”
-Oliver Wendell Holmes

Flowers on statue in Bali by The Floral MixtressThey put them on statues…

String of chrysanthemums in Bali by The Floral Mixtressand strung them up on special days (which seemed to be every second day). Our taxi driver joked that the Balinese, being Hindus, can’t ever travel overseas as they are so busy at home taking part in religious celebrations.

They carved the most beautiful flowers out of fruit.

Watermelon flower carving by The Floral MixtressA flower carved out of watermelon at the wedding we attended at the Villa Bayad in Ubud.

Fruit flower carvings2 by The Floral MixtressThey did an entire scene out of fruit and vegetables – how sweet is the little orange bird made from carrot.

There were flowers carved into wooden panels…

Carved wooden panels in Bali by The Floral Mixtress

And flowers made from a flexible plant material – a reed of some sort? – and dyed.

Colourful flowers in Bali by The Floral MixtressWhen I returned to work after our holiday in Bali my office seemed so bland and dull in comparison – beige and white as far as the eye can see. I feel a workstation makeover coming up in the weeks to come.

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