Pug and gardenia love

“Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated?” David Bader

The other day I picked fistfuls of gardenia and hydrangeas. If I could smell only two things for the rest of my life I would be happy if they were gardenias and hydrangeas. I could go back and forth between the heavy intoxicating perfume of gardenia and the light  fresh eau de toilette of hydrangeas.

Gardenia by The Floral Mixtress

Hydrangea by The Floral Mixtress

My wee girl Jasmine kept an eye on proceedings

Jazzy watching mama pick flowers by The Floral Mixtressbut seemed ultimately disinterested in the outcome. She is very Zen that way.

Mama offering Jasmine flowers by The Floral MixtressJasmine is very understated, unless food is involved. When the Pug Papa picks me up for a visit and I get in the car her younger sister Ruby is all over me whimpering with excitement. Jazzy turns her face just so and shifts her ears in an expression of happiness. I love her so, though she does not accept my gifts of flowers and wakes me at stupid o’clock to rub her belly. She does this by tapping my arm with her paw until I awaken and sitting over me with her belly exposed, like in this photo:

Jazzy enjoying the sun

I admire the way she is so in the moment, the way she doesn’t take nonsense from other dogs trying to sniff her butt – just sits on it so they can’t reach it or puts them in their place if they persist. I love how sure she is about what she wants, how she asks for it without fear of rejection. I love the way her ears smell like marmite and honey. I feel that I have many times the brain power but so much less sense than Jasmine.

I want to sit with my face lifted to the sun FULLSTOP

3 responses

  1. “I feel that I have many times the brain power but so much less sense than Jasmine.” – LOVE!!

    For me it’s Gardenias, Freesias and Stephanotis. I wish we had gardenias grow wild here. Or that they wouldn’t be so difficult to grow potted. I’ve never seen a Gardenia bouquet, blows my mind!

    • Stephanotis is a new one for me, just googled it and it looks gorgeous. To my great shame I have managed to almost kill a potted gardenia. There are a few glimmers of green still on it which give me enough hope to keep watering it and trying to cajole it back to life. Bad, bad Floral Mixtress!!

      • Stephanotis is really easy to glow potted! It’s much like hoyas. Keeps a lot of water in leaves, so can easily forgive random watering schedule 😉 It smells quite similar to gardenia!

        I hear gardenias like acidic soil, try adding a few drops of lemon juice in the water, it should help!

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