Pork, caper and heartsease salad with mustard dressing

A tasty Sunday salad lunch for two.

Mmmm, flowery goodness.

I adore capers. I love them best when pickled so they have a sharp, sweet, salty flavour. Capers are the bud of the caper bush (Capparis spinosa) which grows widely in the Mediterranean region and is also known in Australia as the Flinders Rose. The flower looks nothing like a rose but is very beautiful none-the-less. Continue reading

Nasturtium and Feta Salad

I can smell the sharp, sweet scent of nasturtium flowers drifting over to me from the bench as I sit writing with two snoozing pugs lying at my feet – a very pleasant state of affairs.

I am pug-sitting my baby girls today. It’s one of those situations where the Pug Daddy and I don’t love each other THAT way any more but we sure still love those girls. You might like to call it co-parenting, fur-baby style.

The Pug Daddy is off with his stepfather at an air show and I have had a delightful morning with my girls Ruby and Jasmine. We took a walk to the local park where they engaged in two of their favourite activities: rolling in things that stink and wading through mud to drink from puddles. Continue reading