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This page is a work in progress – I will update this page with base recipes, raw material information and suppliers. 


Flowers should be collected at midday when fully open but before they begin to fade.


Calendula officinalis - fresh, dried and bottled - bam.

Calendula officinalis & Lavandula angustifolia. From top right: fresh, dried and bottled – bam.


Single flowers should be laid out to dry on an absorbent material in a warm, dark, dry place or in a dehydrator. I dry mine in a dehydrator (The Ezidry Ultra FD1000 by Hydraflow Industries – which I am very happy with) at 45 degrees celsius (110 degress fahrenheit) for between 6 and 12 hours depending on the size of the flower. You can buy spacer rings for the Ezidry large flower heads or dry them as per below.

Flowers on stems or the whole flowering herb should be hung upside down to dry in a warm, dark, dry place.

Make a herbal vinegar (acetract)

Herbal vinegars are useful for extracting the alkaloids and tannins from herbs. You can make them the Susun Weed way using fresh herbs or the traditional way using dried herbs.

A fresh herb vinegar

Making fresh herb vinegar by The Floral Mixtress

  • enough fresh herbs to fill a 1 litre glass jar
  • 1 litre of vinegar
  • 1L glass jar with a plastic lid or waxed paper and a rubber band. Sterilise the jar to help prevent your vinegar going mouldy.

Making fresh herb vinegar by The Floral Mixtress

1. Harvest your herbs at midday when the dew has evaporated and cut them into small pieces.

Making fresh herb vinegar 3 by the Floral Mixtress

2. Place in your glass jar and pour over the vinegar until the herbs are completely covered. Cover with the lid or waxed paper and rubber band.

3. Label with the contents and date of manufacture and leave it away from direct heat in a reasonably warm place (hot water cupboard) for 6 weeks. About week 4 you may develop an unbearable yearning for your fresh herb vinegar and want to strain it and race it to you kitchen and play with it. RESIST. Learning to delay gratification is good for your character. ARGHHH!!! WANT, WANT, WANT TO PLAY WITH MY FRESH HERB VINEGAR. This is me at week four. If I can resist the urge then so can you.

4. Strain and bottle.

A dried herb vinegar

A dried herb vinegar is less likely to develop mould and will be stronger due to the lower water content.

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